Changing The USB Icon

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Today i am going to  provide you the Simplest Way to Change the ICON Of your USB Pen Drive. so let's start the process.

1. First of  All you will Need  some Icons  to change your USB Icon. Please note that  the  icon files  are those files which has   .ico  extension. (If you don't  have any Icon Files then  you can Download some  by  Click here)

2. Now  after downloading  Icon file  Place  your desired Icon  to your  Pen Drive.

3. Now Open Notepad and write the following line of code



4. Change your icon  with  the name of your  downloaded Icon.

5. Now save This file  in Your  USB Pen drive  with   name   autorun.inf

6. Don't  forget to  change  "All Files "  in  save as .. shown in given below

You are done now . So hide both  autorun.inf and  icon file to protect it from deleting .

Remove your USB Pen drive and then  Insert Again to see the changed icon of your USB .

If it still fails then please Restart your computer to see the effect.


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