Insatll Mac OS on a Pc {Hackintosh}

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In this article I will go deep into the tech side to give you a article on a topic which I Get asked everyday,how do you Install Mac OS X on a PC?It is fairly possible if you have the balls and brains for it,up on internet searching for more than 3 days and tweaking my Core 2 duo a thousand times I have found the answer to this question.So Can you Install Mac OS X On a PC?Yes..How?I will tell you inch by inch and I promise you it will work like a dream,However you need to read this article very clearly,if you get stuck at some point I will help you out.

Note:This is an installing procedure not a running procedure.Mac uses a different Storage ID Other than FAT32 SO YOU CANT MULTI-BOOT.This is a hackintosh build.
What do you need?

1.     Hardware

I tried installing it on my AMD but it was an effort gone to shreds,I am working on a Hardware Virtualization install but it will take time and if I tweak my way through it I will put it up on the internet.In my install I have aIntel Core 2 Duo[p]-2.60 Ghz160 GB HDD256mb VRAM2 Gigs of ram..However I assure you it performs great instead of the sequential lags due to VRAM Lackage.Make sure you make any and all backups of important stuff that you need.You should not plug your SATA Drives to the Blue or black sata ports this will wreck the system as soon as it boots up

2.    The Software

      1.Mac OS X Snow Leopard or Mountain Lion DVD.

3.    Mac OS X Combo Update(Latest free from apple I believe I havent installed it on my PC yet and I am not going to keep Mac on my Pc because windows have everything that I need)

6.   3 Thumb Drives and 2 Plain CD/DVD or 3 if you have the money for it post install files: suggest downloading and getting all these software and hardware now so that you wont have any hassle installing Mac OS X on your PC.Remember to put Multibeast,Update and a handfull of post-installation files available on on a thumb drive.
Start The Work

1.Installation of Mac OS X On your PC!

a.Burn iBoot onto a Drive using Windows’s Burner Utility.b.Adjust your Bios to the following settings or configuration (Press del key on bootup)Storage Cofiguration>Configure Sata as AHCIBoot Device Priority>DVD

2.Insert iBoot into your drive.

Inserrt iBoot into your drive once it is done remove the iBoot disk and insert your Mac OS X installation diskette. Press f5 to reload the roms,you will notice the Mac OS X Install DVD click on that.And remember to format the whole drive and set the jornaling to Mac OS Extended Journaled,by going to the Utility>Disk Utility on the finderbar.

3.Install Like Windows

The installation is very much similar to windows so you wouldn't have problem with that.At the end you will get a Install Failed splash-screen dont panic,put back in your iBoot disk and this time when you boot in it will give you the option to boot into your latest installation of Mac OS.

4.What's next?

Once its booted up you will have to use the Mac OS X Combo Update to finishinstalling it will ask you to reboot DONT! REBOOT run the multibeast package copy all the custom kexts from the extra/extensions folder to the extra/extensions folder of your root drive. Now drag all the files from your thumb drive's  folder into your hard drive's folder. Enter your password when prompted, and let 
Finder replace any files that already existFinally, navigate back to the Post Install folder on your thumb drive. Inside you'll see three files: An app named Kext Utility and two kext files named VoodooHDA.kext and RealtekR1000SL.kext. Drag and drop VoodooHDA.kext onto Kext Utility (enter your password when prompted), and you'll see a window like the one above. Once it says Done, you can quit Kext Utility (click Cancel), and then this time drag and drop Realtek R1000SL.kext onto Kext Utility.

Restart and Enjoy


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