Boost Your Internet with Utimate Speed By MOZILLA FIREFOX

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All know that the biggest fear of microsoft is google. if u would ask me which would be the second, i would say it's mozilla. It was them who destroyed the legacy ofmicrosoft's internet explorer. Firefox from it's starting itself have challenged it's microsoft's counter part internet explorer
It is estimated that world's 85% of people prefer mozilla firefox to browse than internet explorer.

And the latest from them mozilla firefox 3 has alrady enjoyed world record download of more than 80 lakh download within first 1 week of it's official release. It browses 10 times faster than the internet explorer.

And here i will give u a small hack software, which can boost ur internet speed(useable only for firefox)

This software is extemely functional and is having no negative effect for ur PC or net connection( i hav used this personally and hav really enjoyed it's power)

This software is called firetune from total idea software 

first of all download firetune by clicking here(IT'S COMPLETELY FREE)

search the link above (click products when the link is opened)

After downloading open it and run the software.

1))) In welcome window
here click create bac up configuration and this will back up ur firefox orginal configuration

2))) In perfomance optimisation window

click fast computer /fast connection (if CPU speed greater than 1.5 ghz, min 512 mb ram and if ur net connection is DSL, CABLE or any having sped more than 144kbps)

fast computer/ slower connection ( if computer CPU speed greater than 1.5 ghz, min 512 mb ram and if ur net connection is dial up or any which's speed less tah 144kbps)

slow computer/ fast connection ( if speed is less than 1.5 ghz or ram less than 512 mb (either both or one) and having fast net connection having speed greater than 144 kbps)

slow computer/ slow connetion ( if computer is having ram less than 512 mb or speed less than 1.5 ghz and slow net connection less than 144 kbps)

3))) In other other optimisation click enable some perfomance tweaks common to all configuration

this will help to increase ur net perfomance

4))) In other useful setting page click optimise firefox memory usage

5))) at last click Tune it




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