Use VLC as a Video Cutter Unknown Trick

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Use VLC as  a Video Cutter Unknown Trick 

Friends ,everybody knows very well about VLC media player .this is fantastic software to watch all kind of  videos format ,music etc . . .
Do you know that you may use VLC players as a video cutter .This is not a trick .its a function ,which is included in VLC player .Do you wana try it ?ok ,just follow these steps

  • Launch VLC media player and activate Advanced controls located under the View menu .

  • After activate the advanced controls you will see four extra buttons above the normal play/pause button . We will use the first button from the left called the record button .

  • Now play your desire video ,who you want to cut .

  • Just click on record button ,from where you want to

  • cut the video .

  • Click again record button to stop the recording/cutting .

  • That's it .its so simple .


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