Samsung NX1000, NX210 and NX20 arive IN US

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The Samsung NX1000, NX210 and NX20 Smart compact system cameras that made their debuts in the US last month, are finally going up for sale in the country. The imagers pack in an APS-C sensor each, extend support to interchangeable lenses and feature built-in Wi-Fi to instantly share images on the web.

Deployed with the professional-grade 20.3MP CMOS sensor, thesecompact cameras’ i-Function 2.0 system allows users to control settings without having to take the focus off the subject. The Wi-Fi connectivity option comes in handy to share images on social networking websites such as Facebook, Photobucket, YouTube and Picasa or to upload them to the cloud using Microsoft SkyDrive. With the help of the Samsung Remote Viewfinder app, photographers can take images and control settings remotely through a Galaxy smartphone or tablet. Some other connectivity attributes include AllShare, DLNA and MobileLink compatibility amongst others.


“With the expansion of the NX family, Samsung reinforces its commitment to connected creativity. Photography, at its core, is as much about sharing a special moment, as it is about capturing a stunning image and the new NX Series delivers both without compromise,” commented Reid Sullivan, Senior Vice President of Digital Imaging, Samsung Electronics America. “Whether for professionals emailing photos on assignment, or a family sharing a truly unique memory, there is an NX Series camera ready to deliver.”

The Samsung NX1000, encased in a stylish exterior, comes with a 20mm – 50mm lens and external flash. It flaunts a 3-inch LCD screen, records 1080p HD videos and is embedded with a Smart Link Hot Key for sharing purposes. The metallic NX210 camera, a successor to the NX200 shooter, is fitted with a 3-inch AMOLED screen. It boasts of a high speed shutter, continuous video shooting capability at the rate of 8 frames per second and much more. And the DSLR-like NX20 dons a swiveling 3-inch Super AMOLED display and integrates an SVGA EVF. Needless to say, these snappers are complete with effects and filters to assist photographers.

The Samsung NX210 and NX20 price and availability details suggest that they are now up for grabs at $899.99 (approx. Rs. 49,385) and $1,099.99 (approx. Rs. 60,360), respectively. The Samsung NX1000 will be made available in June for $699.99 (approx. Rs. 38,410).


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