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Tata Safari Storme Review


 Tata Motors is one of the best recognized Indian car brands and is geared up to surprise its consumers with a brand new offering, its new generation Safari, named as Tata Safari Storme. This, rules out all the claims that it will be called Merlin which was only used as its codename. Safari Storme made its debut at India’s biggest Auto show, Auto Expo 2012 organized at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi from 7th January to 11th January 2012.


The new SUV is basically a nicely updated and enhanced version of Tata Safari. The next generation Safari had been testing since early 2010. However, it is not sure so far as to where exactly it will be positioned price wise, but the update will be given soon by the firm. Our price quote for new Safari Storme is Rs 10 lakh. Tata Safari Storme is a perfect answer to Mahindra’s SUV, the XUV 500.


The SUV will feature the same masculine 2.2.Litre of DICOR diesel engine that would churn out peak power of 140 BHP along with 320 Nm of maximum torque. The engine is coupled with a revamped and refreshed G76 MKII-5 speed manual transmission for better gear shifts. The icing on the cake is that Tata Storme will be offered in a four wheel drive version accompanied with a low gear ratio that would be made available in the top variant of Tata Safari Storme.


Visually, this brand new SUV has been given a major makeover and the interiors have also been updated substantially. When heading inside the new Tata Safari Storme, the dashboard is intelligently designed with ample of faux wood that makes it look subtle and sophisticated and the quality of the upholstery is high-class. Tata Motors is well aware of the fact that Indian consumers give as much weightage to the interior comfort of the car as to the engine specifications. The exteriors of Tata Storme have been toned down from being much masculine to more gentleman now. This is done to lure consumers and to show them that Safari Storme is actually the updated version of Tata Safari and doesn’t feature the old design. The exterior of all new Tata Safari Storme comprise of refurbished headlamps along with new design at the front end that makes the SUV look more up to date and fashionable. Fresh wide grille, new wraparound headlamps with projectors, thick chrome band on radiator grille, newly designed front bumper with round fog lamps are the elements of new face.  On the other hand, the rear end got a major cosmetic makeover to make it different from Tata Safari.


This time around, Tata Motors has its hopes high regarding the sales figures of Tata Safari Storme. Earlier too, Tata Safari was one of the best selling cars by the company and with the next gen Storme; the company aims a little higher. The consumers in the country are eagerly waiting for the new Tata Safari Storme. This SUV will lock horns with the recently launched Mahindra XUV 500, which has been receiving raving reviews since the time of its launch. Therefore, it’s currently impossible to predict whether or not the Safari Storme will be able to take over the Indian car market. Price wise, the company hasn’t revealed the exact price range of Tata Storme, but rumour has it that the new Tata Safari Storme will be competitively priced thereby giving the Indian consumers an ease to purchase it.


Tata Safari Storme Models

Tata Safari Storm 4x2This variant will be powered by diesel engine of 2179 cc producing 140 bhp-320 Nm. However, the power will be supplied to only front wheels as this model is two wheel drive model.
Tata safari Storm 4x4This bold and masculine SUV is expected to be a four wheel driver, which would be powered with 2.2 Litre of DICOR diesel motor. The engine would be capable of producing 140 BHP of peak power along with 320 Nm of peak torque. The new Tata Safari Storm would be the 7 seater SUV, similar to the gold old Tata Safari.


Tata Safari Storme Mileage

The all new Tata Safari, now known as Tata Safari Storme will deliver an impressive mileage, which would make this SUV one of the best in the lot. The car has 2.2 litre of DOHC DICOR diesel engine that churns out peak power of 140 BHP at the rate of 4000 rpm accompanied with peak torque of 320 Nm at the rate of 1700 rpm. With the so much of power and ideal amount of torque produced by the engine, the fuel economy of Tata Storme becomes remarkable. The SUV is expected to deliver a superb city mileage of 11 km per litre whereas the highway mileage would be around 15 km per litre.

Power of Tata Safari Storme

The yet to be launched Tata Storme will have a power that would impress you all. With a 2.2 litre of DOHC DICOR diesel engine with a displacement of 2197cc, the power churned out by this bold engine is inspiring. The fresh and new Tata Safari Storme acquiesce a massive power of 140 BHP at 4000 rpm along with 320 Nm of torque at 1700-2700 rpm. The engine will have dual mass fly-wheel that would ensure minimum noise, vibration and harshness. Adding more charm to this, would be the five speed manual gearbox along with low friction bearing that would enhance the overall driving experience. However, there is a bit of possibility that the company would provide the SUV with a six speed automatic transmission in near future.

Acceleration & Pick-Up

The brand new and updated Tata Safari Storme will come power packed with 2179cc of 2.2 litre DOHC DICOR diesel engine that would facilitate the SUV to zoom away with the high speed in no time. However, the decision made by Tata for introducing Tata Safari Storme in diesel engine is quite apt, as the Indian car market has soaring demand for diesel cars all thanks to the sky rocketing petrol prices. Another thing is that diesel engine allows the car to give way better pick up and acceleration than any other petrol car. The diesel engine fitted in Tata Storme proffer the owner with respectable pick-up and acceleration. The engine is quietly wisely mated with a G76 MKII 5 speed manual gearbox for better gear shifts that could be turned into six speed automatic transmission in future.

Tata Safari Storme Exteriors


The exteriors of the new Tata Safari Storme are done under close surveillance of the highly qualified Tata Motors engineers. The looks of Safari Storme are masculine and just right. The exteriors have been totally refreshed and look very different from the original Tata Safari. The front end of the SUV is pretty neat and unsoiled and is ideal for the youth professionals of India. The low beam projector headlamps are nicely L-shaped together with flat proportions. The headlamps are powered with Xenon that ensures a clear and lighted view of the road at night. In terms of styling for Storme, it seems that Tata Motors is highly inspired from the sister concern-Range Rover. This SUV will also sport body colored bumper and the round fog lights placed on the bumpers take the look a bit higher. The five twin spoke alloy wheels complete the overall look of the new Tata Safari Storme.


The side profile of Safari Storme comprise of body colored door handles aligned smartly along the body. Just like Tata Safari, the ORVMs sports more integrated turn indicator lights. The windows at both the side are electrically controlled and the tinted glasses add more charm to the look of the SUV. The keyless entry and the remote fuel filler are the exterior features that add an edgy and luxurious feel to the Storme SUV.


Moving to the rear end of the all new Tata Storme, the revamped square tail lamps together with body design are quite appealing parts of the car, which are extremely inspired from the Land Rover. Both the front as well as rear bumpers are now more bulky. The tail lamp has a striking resemblance to that of Force Traveller. The best part of the new Tata Storme is that the spare tyre is now relocated and has been placed under the chassis, which makes the tail gate perfect and give it a close look to Tata Aria. Rear spoiler and roof rails cuts the air perfectly when the cult SUV will hit the highways. What adds more appeal to the rear end of the car is the dual chrome plated trapezoidal exhaust pipes, which make Storme more robust and aggressive. The car also comprise of rear defogger and rear wiper to cope up with extreme rain and fog. Overall, the proper SUV feel is taken away from the new generation Safari and the exterior looks are now tamed so that more Safaris are seen on urban roads along with highways and off-roads.


Tata Safari Storme Interior


The interiors of Tata Safari Storme are similar to that of Tata Aria, which means perfectly stylish and comfortable and better than Tata Safari for sure. The now-more-car-like-SUV is basically a seven seater and is loaded with ample of features, which are totally remarkable. All new Tata Safari Storme sports new meter dials with white backlight. The black and beige dash of the car with improved plastics comes with powerful air conditioning system with climate control and 2 AC vents. The analog clock is much better and readable than before.


The rotary AC controls also have enhanced looks as they have white illumination around them. A large pop-up storage box now finds way on the dashboard. Also the glove box become wider now with the lining made of better material in Storme. The presence of MP3/CD player further adds a tint of luxury to Tata Storme. It is a personal guess that Storme is come loaded with a Multi-information Display also. The cup holders now comes ahead of the gearbox so that driver can easily place glass/cup it them. The cubby holes now become deeper for more storage area, a requisite in SUV. The CD can actually be loaded or ejected comfortably even when the transmission is in 3rd gear which was a congested affair in Safari. There is a new round knob behind the gear can be used for easy switching between two wheel drive and four wheel drive. The power windows and power steering aid the driver and the passengers to have an effortless and easy ride. Headlamp controls are given just near the steering for the driver. A slight moderation is given to the door pads. The seats are leather covered, which gives a posh ambience to the interiors of the SUV and the third row passengers seat is foldable. Even the middle 60:40 split seats are foldable.


The driver seat is manually adjusted and the cabin of Tata Storme is less noisy while cruising and acceleration. The 5 speed manual gearbox has a firm and comfortable grip. The power steering is very dynamic and has electric control buttons mounted on them. On the whole, the interiors of the new Tata Storme have a sense of comfort and style, which helps it to move a notch higher amongst its competitors.

Interior Comfort


The comfort level of Tata Safari Storme is up to the mark. Hopefully the price tag of the SUV will be maintained around Rs. 10 lakh and with this competitive price, the car surely sounds comfortable. This new SUV of Tata Motors is quite spacious and has room for 7 adults. What enhances the comfort of the car is the air conditioning system that has been accompanied with climate control. The rear air conditioning vents are properly fitted now in the next gen Safari. The leather seats are foldable. Storme comes with power windows, remote fuel filler and remote central locking. Remote boot and MP3 DVD player is also available. The other bonus features of Tata Storme comprise of tinted glass, ORVM indicator, and electric buttons mounted on the power steering, rear wiper, electric door side mirrors and rear defogger. It is expected that cruise control will also be present in the new SUV. In the comfort level of the car, the new Tata Storme is complete win-win as compared to the original Tata Safari.


The brand new and refreshed Tata Safari, or should we say, Tata Safari Storme will come with five twin spoke alloy wheels, which are inspired from Tata Aria. The ABS feature connects the wheel in order to cut down friction and avert the wheels from wearing and tearing. The tyre measurement of Tata Storme is 235/70 R16 105 S along with the ground clearance of 195mm. The spare wheel will also be provided, which would be placed just beneath chassis.


Interior Measurements


The all new Tata Storme has a very improved cabin in terms of space and comfort. The headroom and legroom at the rear, front and the 3rd row are above average. The wheelbase of the SUV is enhanced thereby increasing the rear legroom. The boot space of Tata Storme is 981 litres, but the SUV lacks remote boot, which is a bit of disappointment.


Tata Safari Storme Engine and Performance

All new Tata Strome will come with an impressive 2.2 litre of DOHC DICOR diesel engine, which operated with very less harshness, noise and vibration. The engine delivers superb performance with brilliant acceleration and awesome fuel efficiency. The engine of Tata Stormeee has a displacement of 2179cc that churns out peak power of 140 bhp at rate of 4000 rpm along with 320 Nm of maximum torque at the rate of 1700 rpm. The icing on the cake is that Tata Stormeee has an excellent acceleration that aids the SUV in touching 100 km per hour speed in merely few seconds. With such superior performance, the new Tata Stormeee will give a tough competition to Mahindra XUV 500.


The brand new and refreshed Tata Safari, or should we say,Tata Safari Storme will come with five twin spoke alloy wheels, which are inspired from Tata Aria. The ABS feature connects the wheel in order to cut down friction and avert the wheels from wearing and tearing. The tyre measurement of Tata Storme is 235/70 R16 105 S along with the ground clearance of 195mm. The spare wheel will also be provided, which would be placed just beneath chassis.

Braking & Handling

The disc brakes are applied to the rear wheels, while theventilated brakes go with the Tata Safari Storme front wheels. Tata Motors is an Indian automobile manufacturer, which gives the firm an extra advantage in terms of sales as compared to other foreign car makers in the country. Even at the maximum power of 140 BHP, this new SUV comes with brilliant control. The power produced is evenly distributed to all the wheels with the help and support of five speed manual gearbox. Also the wheels of all new Tata Storme are coupled to Independent double wishbone together with torsion bar suspension that is present at the front and at the rear to avert bumps and guarantee a comfortable and smooth ride.

Handling & Safety

This new SUV comes with remote central locking system that would make sure that the car is protected from thefts. While driving, the safety features like 6 airbags, ABS (Anti Lock Brake System) with ESC (Electronic Stability Control) and EBD (Electronic Brake Distribution) would surely help the wheel from locking in case of collision or accident along with Traction Control and Brake assist. Other safety features comprise of parking sensors for better parking, fog lamps for superior vision in case of unfavorable weather condition accompanied with traction control.

Stereo & Accessories in Tata Safari Storme

The entertainment system of the new Tata Storme is also up to the mark. The SUV comes with advanced music system, which produces high quality sound. This music system is packed with classy and notable MP3 DVD playerthat will deliver a complete musical ambience. The other expected accessories in the new Tata Storme which comprise of incorporated Multi Information Display, Satellite Navigation system that will assist the drive to mount up the position data to locate on the road in the unit’s map database. Besides this, the SUV also has side ORVM turn indicator lights.

Pros & Cons

     Tata Safari Storme Pros :

Premium SUV features and brand value, diesel engine.

Tata Safari Storme Cons :

                         Looks similar to Safari.

Ex-showroom Price

Rs. 10,00,000*

* Tata Safari Storme Prices shown here are indicative prices only.The Tata Safari Storme Ex-Showroom price range displays the lowest approximate price of Tata Safari Storme car model throughout India excludes tax,registration, insurance and cost of accessories. For exact prices of Tata Safari Storme , please contact the Tata Safari Storme dealer.



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